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Cain’s Able Plumbing, Inc. strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced plumbing and drain services.

We do just about everything plumbing. From small residential repairs, commercial installations to industrial repipes, if you have a plumbing problem we can probably meet your needs. Leaky faucets, no problem. Need a new water heater? Gas, electric or tankless, we’ve got you covered. Have a need for a new water service? We can do it. Backflow prevention is a specialty of ours, if this is your need, give us a call.

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Water Line Installation & Repair

We repair water lines, as well as install new water services to city taps. Are you needing a repair or moving from well to city water? Give us a call.


Sewer Line


Sewer Line Installation & Repair

We repair sewer lines and we install new ones. Are you needing a repair, or moving from a septic tank to city sewer? Give us a call.


Water Heaters


Water Heater Installation & Repair

We repair and install most models both gas and electric.




Certified Backflow Installation & Testing

Most all businesses are required to have a backflow and to have it tested yearly.