A leaking outdoor spigot or an underground water leak?

Have you ever noticed an outdoor leaking spigot? Most of the time it could be just a simple leak. Other times, it ends up being a much bigger issue. How were our technicians able to tell that there was much more to this than a leaking outdoor spigot?  When our technician checked the spigot, he couldn’t find an issue such as a broken part or a leak. Upon further investigation he heard rushing water echoing in the basement of this home. The leak turned out to be a 4ft deep water leak at the foundation. As you can see in the pictures it took quite a bit of digging to repair the leak, but our technicians are always up for the challenge.

Water Heater Maintenance

Is having your water heater inspected yearly important? The answer is: yes! It’s important to have your water heater inspected and flushed yearly, especially tankless water heaters. Why is this important? Age and moisture over time can cause corrosion. What issues can moisture corrosion cause? Moisture corrosion can cause several different issues; one being water leaks. Leaks/flooding can cause further damage to your home especially if your water heater is in an attic or in another area of your home. Hot water failure as well as electrical fires can be caused by moisture corrosion. Gas water heaters should also be checked yearly to ensure proper ventilation. Proper ventilation is a must to ensure that you avoid possible carbon monoxide from entering your home. Take a look at the photos below. These are examples of water heaters that have corroded or have started leaking. Call our office at 704-857-1600 to schedule your yearly water heater maintenance.

Old Sewer Lines Create Sewer Backups

Some older homes still have red terra cotta clay tile piping for their sewer drain system. This can create quite a problem as the piping deteriorates with age. Also, with so many joints, it leaves gaps for roots to grow in continuously. This home had just such a case. Just about every joint on this clay sewer line was filled with invading roots. Thankfully, we now have products like PVC piping that has a lifespan of up to 100 years!!

That’s exactly what this customer received. A new PVC sewer line. Problem free for years to come!

Corrosive Water & Your Water Lines

Do the water lines in your home look like the ones in the photos below? If they do, your water has corrosive properties and the PH is probably off. You definitely need to address the problem by installing a filtration system that will neutralize the water. You also need to replace the already corroded piping in your home.

Here at Cain’s Able Plumbing, we can address this issue for you. We can replace all the water lines in the home, and we can install a filtration system to prevent this from being a problem in the future. Give us a call at 704-857-1600 or 336-351-1602, to schedule your evaluation appointment today.

Inspecting Your Water Lines

Do you inspect the water piping in your home?
A lot of folks do not. This ends up costing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars when those pipes choose to burst or spring a leak. Bi-Annual inspection of the water piping in your home is crucial, especially if you have an older home. Or if you have a home that was piped with Polybutylene or PEX piping when it first came on the scene.

Different common water piping:
– Prone to corroding from the inside out. The pipe gets smaller and smaller inside as rust builds up. No longer in use or to current standards.
– Wears thin over time. Still used today, but very costly.
– Used in the late 80s and early 90s. Turns brittle with age and will crumble apart or crackle. No longer in use. Recalled a long time ago.
– Q-Pex – Recalled. No longer in use and not up to todays standards.
– Current PEX production meets todays building standards. You may have brass or plastic fittings. Brass fittings have to be inspected routinely for corrosion. Different water conditions can speed up the corrosion process.

Here at Cain’s Able Plumbing, we are happy to schedule an inspection of the water lines (and sewer lines) in your home for condition and recommendations. The current cost for that at the time of this post is $190.00. (Plus tax and fees) Please call 704-857-1600 or 336-351-1602 to schedule your plumbing inspection today!

Shower Faucet Upgrades

Did you know that a lot of time we can upgrade an old faucet, instead of replacing it? We can repair faucets in a lot of cases also.
This can save hundreds of dollars in other cosmetic repairs that can be incurred during a shower faucet replacement.

If the shower valve inside the wall is in great shape, an upgrade can change the whole feel of your bathroom and make it feel new again. This can be said the same if your faucet is for a tub and shower. Shiny & new things always make us feel better than one that may be corroded, too worn, faded, or not functioning properly.

Be sure to give us a call here at Cain’s Able Plumbing, if you are interested in having this service performed.

Of course, we can always replace faucets as well! And we are happy to do so, should your need arise.

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**Positive: Responsiveness

As a service technician myself, I was very pleased with all aspects of the experience. Call was answered in a timely fashion and worked was performed quickly and at a fair price. Thank you for your service

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**Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I was very happy with Cain’s. They came highly recommended. The drain in my basement was backing up due to the line being clogged. I called Cain’s and explained the situation. I spoke to Courtney and she was very polite and helpful. They came out the same day. They sent JT to my house. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I could not find where exactly where the drain was. He was able to locate it by how the ground slipped and it was where he thought it was was. He cleaned where the drain was and the water came pouring out. I was of course very happy. And even happier with the price, which I thought was very reasonable. I would definitely call them again if I have any other issues.

Service: Drain cleaning

**Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality

We had a leak from our toilet and shower. The techs came on time and went to work. They sealed the shower drain and changed the toilet tank seals. They also found that our washing machine was causing the leak in our laundry room. They cleaned up after themselves and were very professional and courteous. If we have anymore problems we will call Cains plumbing service.

Services: Shower repair, Plumbing leak detection

**Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Exceptional service; efficient and professional – thank you!

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**Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Great communication. Fast, courtious, and professional service.

Service: Plumbing pipe repair

**Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Fixed a busted pipe. Brought broken parts from under the house and showed me what they fixed.

Service: Plumbing pipe repair

**Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

Great company. I called several local companies and none of them answered the phone. Cain’s Able Plumbing answered right away and was extremely professional on the phone. They worked with and around are schedule. The tech who came to are house was very nice and professional. He kept me informed of what and why he was doing something. No crazy pricing or outrages upcharges. This company is the real deal and will be are go to company from now on.

Give us a call for all your plumbing needs! We are happy to help 🙂

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L Brantley

July 2022. This is the second time we have used them. Very happy with communication, pricing and service. Highly recommend this company. Arrived on time. Professional. Explained why there was a problem in detail. Something a different plumber had done with the installation had caused the issue. Appreciate the detailed explanation and fixing our problem. We will definitely contact this company for future needs.

Susanne H

OMG! They are awesome. They came the same day to help an elderly woman that is a fall risk. God Bless Them all

Phil H

Excellent communication! Very polite and courteous. Reasonable rates. Promptly completed work I would definitely recommend Cain’s Able Plumbing

Chris Y

My kitchen sink was clogged, we called and they came within a hour. The service was great and got it fixed quickly, the price was reasonable. We sure will recommend this company to anyone.

Zach S

Went the extra mile to help fix my issue. I’ll call them again.

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Top notch service! Courteous, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I will use them again should the need arise

Karen W

We were very pleased with the work done in our kitchen. We had a leaking kitchen faucet and it needed to be replaced, we already had a new one here that worked out fine! The techs were friendly, knowledgeable, patient and professional! If we need more plumbing work taken care of in the future, we will Definitely call them again!!

Robert C

They were quick to come out and resolve our plumbing issues. We’ve had other plumbers in the past for similar problems but these guys are the best. Great service and reasonably priced.

Baxter G

They were able to come out within the hour for a crawl space pipe leak, great service, knowledge plumbers , fixed leak quickly , will use again, reasonable rates , A++++++

Suzanne M

Cains Able plumbing did a wonderful job putting in a new water line to my house from my water meter. They did a professional job and made sure my leak was fixed. The three men were very friendly and professional. After the job was inspected by county they came back the next day in the rain to cover the pipes. This is dedication and caring people. The company would do you right and not over charge you. Thank you Cains Able Plumbing for a wonderful job.

Recent Project

Our technicians worked hard on this project recently for a church daycare that was having drainage problems. They dug out trenches and installed trench drains with stainless steel grates along the sidewalk. It was a big job, but our guys are always up to the challenge!

If you have any plumbing needs give us a call 🙂