Shower Faucet Upgrades

Did you know that a lot of time we can upgrade an old faucet, instead of replacing it? We can repair faucets in a lot of cases also.
This can save hundreds of dollars in other cosmetic repairs that can be incurred during a shower faucet replacement.

If the shower valve inside the wall is in great shape, an upgrade can change the whole feel of your bathroom and make it feel new again. This can be said the same if your faucet is for a tub and shower. Shiny & new things always make us feel better than one that may be corroded, too worn, faded, or not functioning properly.

Be sure to give us a call here at Cain’s Able Plumbing, if you are interested in having this service performed.

Of course, we can always replace faucets as well! And we are happy to do so, should your need arise.